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I just have to tell you that the pictures you took are absolutely amazing!!!! Each one is just incredible! You captured the emotion of that day and I just love all the expressions you caught on everyone's faces in the candid shots as well as how you orchestrated all the posed ones! They are just beautiful!!! I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for giving us this priceless gift of capturing our special day for us to be able to continue to look back on and enjoy each time we look over these pictures. Thank you so very much!!! B.S. - Clearwater, FL

I received the pictures a short time ago and I was delighted with them. Thank you so much for your promptness in getting them to me. You do great work. It is a pleasure doing business with you. See you next dance! J.A. - Lakeland, FL

OH - MY - GOD! You are absolutely amazing. Seriously. If you were as good with a knife, you would be a very, very busy plastic surgeon. The eyes, the dark circles, the chin work, the turkey neck . . . the beautiful tan. Man, I never looked so good. Yet, none of it looks false. You're really an amazing talent. Come to New York with your camera and I'll make sure you're a very busy man. I know this is a lot of work. I wish I was doing a big show and I'd give you tickets and take you to dinner. What can I do to thank you? Send me a bill. Really, it was so good it made me laugh out loud. Very gratefully yours,D.H. - New York

Hi Andy, Again, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly an artist!!! The album is phenomenol!!! RF, Auburndale.

Hi Mr. Glogower, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was/am with the wedding pictures you took! They are incredible! :-) I can't tell you how many times in the past few days someone will say, "Mr. Glogower did SUCH a great job on the pictures!" We even brought my dad's laptop on Sunday night and showed everybody at church the pictures you had posted on facebook. I really appreciate your willingness to be flexible with Staci and Seth and their ever-changing wedding day. :-) Your beautiful pictures have been such a blessing to my family, and I just wanted to tell you "thank you". God bless! :-) B.F.

These pictures are so amazing. I love how they reveal who you are; SC, wife, mother to be; PC, husband, father to be; as individuals and as family. The photographer did a great job of capturing the essence of all of you. MC